Category: Science

  • Here’s the buzz

    My husband, Lloyd Brinson, was a science teacher for many years, and he’s also become a pretty accomplished gardener. He already knew a good bit about the importance of pollinators – he raises eyebrows in our neighborhood by carefully mowing around patches of blooming clover in our yard – but he still found much to […]

  • Man’s best friend, explained

    Getting a dog to lie still for an MRI is a daunting task. Trying to explain dogs’ love for humans may be an even greater one. Paul O’Connor’s latest listening adventure has been an audio book that tackles those challenges. Reviewed by Paul T. O’Connor HOW DOGS LOVE US: A NEUROSCIENTIST AND HIS ADOPTED DOG […]

  • Going downhill

    One night, many years ago, I saw Tom Dillon ski down Summit Street in Winston-Salem. So when he asked to review a book about skiing and snow, I wasn’t surprised. As he points out, this book has some important things to say even to the non-skiers among us. Reviewed by Tom Dillon DEEP: THE STORY […]

  • Under the ‘stinky’ ginkgo tree

    I’m always glad when Tom Dillon reviews a book for the blog. Not only is he a clear thinker and fine writer; he also reads the most interesting books, ones that might otherwise not come to our attention. Reviewed by Tom Dillon GINKGO. By Peter Crane. Yale University Press. 384 pages. $40, hardback I was […]

  • Gorillas, evolution and adventure

    My husband says he can’t drive while listening to an audio book – it’s too distracting. But I can (and usually do), except when traffic gets bad or directions confusing. On a recent trip, I took the wheel so that we could listen to a book I thought we’d both enjoy. I was right. He’s […]

  • The casualties in industry’s assault on science

    The book Denis DuBay reviews here was published in 2008, but it is, unfortunately, just as relevant today as it was then. By Denis DuBay.  DOUBT IS THEIR PRODUCT: HOW INDUSTRY’S ASSAULT ON SCIENCE THREATENS YOUR HEALTH. By David Michaels. Oxford University Press, 2008.  384 pages. $29.95.  Once upon a time, seemingly in another galaxy […]