On the latest from Anne Tyler

On June 24, my review of Anne Tyler’s latest novel, The Beginner’s Goodbye (Knopf, $24.95), ran in the Greensboro News & Record’s book section. I appreciate the News & Record’s dedication to running locally written reviews when so many newspapers have abandoned that effort, and I urge those who can to check the review out.

I can’t post a link because the News & Record is commendably trying to avoid giving its content away free online. But I will urge Anne Tyler fans to seek out this latest book. As I said in the review, many of us loyal fans have grown older (and maybe wiser?) along with Tyler. She deals with many of the same themes, with the same light, loving touch, in her more recent books as she did in the novels she wrote more than 30 years ago. As might be expected, her characters are a little more subdued and her comedy a bit lower key these days.  But her writing still sparkles, and her insights into life – ordinary life, the way most of us experience it – are clear and comforting. This is a book worth reading.




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