Take a look — Margaret Maron review

 By Linda Brinson

In my debut book review for the Greensboro News & Record today, I look at Margaret Maron’s latest Deborah Knott mystery, Christmas Mourning.

 Maron’s series, as her many fans know, is a lot of fun. Her main character, Deborah Knott, is a district court judge in a county near Raleigh, N.C. She has 11 older brothers and a father who used to be a bootlegger, so there’s a wealth of material. Maron does a fine job of depicting the tensions between the new and old Souths as suburbia spreads into rural areas.

 The News & Record was the first daily newspaper I wrote for, back in my college days when I was an intern there.  It’s nice to be back on its pages. Check out its newly revived book pages in its expanded Sunday opinion section.

I was going to post a link, but I just learned that the New & Record no longer posts its daily print content on its website. The newspaper is no longer giving away all content for free online in hopes that more people will buy the print version. I commend the effort and hope it works.

I think you should be able to read the review in the News & Record’s electronic edition, if you register for that. I have not been able to make that work so far, but I live in the Stone Ages as far as Internet access goes.

Anyway, Margaret Maron fans be advised: Her newest book will entertain you during the mad rush to the holidays.

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