Hello Again – Tentatively

Forgive me reviewers and readers. I have been remiss in posting reviews. I have a number of good reviews waiting in the wings, and they’ve been waiting for a while.

But it’s not my fault. Or if it is my fault, it’s only in that I celebrated publicly the coming of high-speed Internet to the Briar Patch here in Stokes County, N.C., thus no doubt jinxing that service’s continued operation. The immediate culprit was Verizon Wireless, which upset our new and intricate antenna on the roof-cable-air card-router atop the closet-wireless system by assigning the wrong phone numbers to the wrong pieces of equipment. Who knew such things as air cards and Mi-Fi devices even HAVE phone numbers? It’s too long and sad a story to tell, stretching over many hours of frustration.

But it’s all fixed, at least for now, thanks to a very dear and patient friend and fellow displaced journalist. NOT THAT I’M BRAGGING OR TAKING IT FOR GRANTED OR ANYTHING.  So look for several new reviews over the next few days.

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