Month: May 2013

  • More about Jane

    Jane Austen is amazing. Not only have her books, published in the early 19th century, stood the test of time, but they have also inspired countless spinoffs into the 21st century. We’ve had Stephanie Barron’s mystery series with Jane as sleuth; Jane Austen vampire novels; the novel The Jane Austen Book Club; P.D. James’ Death […]

  • The prim, the proper, the depraved

    Most of us know, through Charles Dickens or other sources, something of the seamy side of Victorian England and how difficult life was for the poor people of the day. Anne Perry’s two outstanding series of historical novels set in that period also shed light into some of the darker corners of life among the […]

  • Life in a van, and a lot more

    By Linda C. Brinson If you have access to the Greensboro News & Record today (May 26), please read my interview with Ken Ilgunas and my review of his book Walden on Wheels. The N&R doesn’t provide its copy free online, so I can’t offer a link. Ken is a thoughtful, engaging young man who’s […]

  • A modest civics lesson on a lofty subject

    Paul O’Connor (no known relation to Sandra Day O’Connor) is embarking on his annual driving trip, which means lots of good listening/reading time for him, and lots of good reviews for us. By Paul T. O’Connor OUT OF ORDER. By Sandra Day O’Connor. Random House Audio. CDs, 7 Hours. $35. It’s an oddity of America’s […]

  • Who’s smart now?

    I grew up in a family in which good grades and high test scores were highly prized, and where sibling rivalries could be heated. So the title of Jennifer Close’s second novel caught my eye. The book proved to be what I expected in some ways, and quite different in others. By Linda C. Brinson […]

  • All you can read: delicious and satisfying

    Want to laugh, cry, shake your head and smile? Need a reminder about the good things in life, the things that help us rise above the setbacks? Then Edward Kelsey Moore’s debut novel is a book for you. By Linda C. Brinson THE SUPREMES AT EARL’S ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT. By Edward Kelsey Moore. Read by Adenrele Ojo […]