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  • What the tide brings

    Reviewed by Linda C. Brinson BRYANT & MAY: STRANGE TIDE. By Christopher Fowler. Bantam. 436 pages. $27               Confession: I was so despondent upon finishing Christopher Fowler’s Bryant & May and the Burning Man last year that I never wrote the review. Something terrible had happened to Arthur Bryant, […]

  • How peculiar: missing ravens and walking dead

    What fun it is when the author of a beloved series gives us a new book. Reviewed by Linda C. Brinson BRYANT & MAY AND THE BLEEDING HEART. By Christopher Fowler. Bantam. 383 pages. $26. Yes, they are back, despite repeated attempts by various powers-that-be in London to get rid of them or at least […]

  • Peculiar times in London

    What is literature for if not to take us into places and experiences that we might otherwise miss? I’m missing London right now; I see it nightly on TV coverage of the Olympics, and I wish I were there. There’s no way I could make it to London for the games, but I’ve done the […]