In the briar patch, April 29-May 2

There are ample new delights in the woods and fields of the briar patch these days, as well as in the arrival of more books for review.

Solomon's Seal.
Lyre-leaved sage. Ubiquitous weed, or wildflower of the mint family? Depends upon your perspective.
Pink wood sorrel
Oxalis – yellow wood sorrel
Hearts-a-Busting, hearts-a-busting-with love and other names. You may be more familiar with the gaudy fruits that appear in the fall. These flowers are delicate and easy to miss. Except by deer, who love to eat the whole bush.
Winds brought this flower down to the ground from high in a tulip poplar tree, which my wildflower book tells me is not a true poplar.
Wisteria, which I think may be a native wisteria, not an Oriental variety.
Wild blackberry blooms – the real briar patch.

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