Month: August 2013

  • At least, it’s witty

    The esteemed reviewer, actor, haikuist and petanquer (I’m sure I’m leaving some important role out) Bob Moyer has resurfaced after a summer on the road. Here he takes a look at the latest offering in a long-running series. Reviewed by Robert Moyer GUILT. By Jonathan Kellerman. Ballantine Books. 378 pages. $28. Jonathan Kellerman’s detecting duo, […]

  • FDR, commander in chief

    Paul O’Connor, when he’s not commenting on the shenanigans in our state government or teaching aspiring journalists, is a devoted student of American history. Here he takes a look at a new book about Franklin D. Roosevelt and World War II. Reviewed by Paul T. O’Connor ROOSEVELT’S CENTURIONS: FDR AND THE COMMANDERS HE LED TO […]

  • Letters, love and life

    A historical novel dealing with both World Wars, a sweet love story – Jessica Brockmole’s first novel is an engaging, light novel, a good pick for entertaining end-of-summer listening or reading. Reviewed by Linda C. Brinson LETTERS FROM SKYE. By Jessica Brockmole. Books on Tape (Random House). Read by Elle Newlands, Katy Townsend, Lincoln Hoppe, […]