Category: The Briar Patch flora and fauna.

  • In the Briar Patch, May 26-29

    Here in the briar patch, we’ve had lots of rain, thunderstorms mostly, punctuated by hot weather. And new books for summer reading keep rolling in, too.

  • In the Briar Patch, May 14-16

    It’s been rainy in the briar patch. Thank goodness for plenty of new books to while away the time. Outdoors, there are a few new wildflowers, but getting out into the woods and fields to see them hasn’t been easy. Above is a fire pink (pink refers to the family, not the color).

  • In the briar patch, April 29-May 2

    There are ample new delights in the woods and fields of the briar patch these days, as well as in the arrival of more books for review.

  • In the briar patch, April 26-27

    Spring continues apace in the briar patch. Each day brings new books, and most days bring discoveries of new living signs of the season.

  • In the briar patch, April 21-24

    This has been a bit of a slow spell in terms of wildflowers, but we’ve had rain and now it’s warmer, so the pace should pick up.  I was disappointed when looking up a delicate, pretty white flower that blooms with profusion in our woods now to discover that it apparently is a variety of…

  • In the briar patch, April 16-17

    The spring reading season and the spring blooming season are picking up speed. New books arrive daily. And the foliage in the briar patch promises more blooms soon. Here’s what’s new now in the briar patch. My wildflower field guides say there are maybe 50 species of violets in the hills of North Carolina, and…

  • In the briar patch, April 11-13

    Here’s an update on what’s going on in the briar patch in Stokes County that nurtures this book blog. The literary world is attuned to the natural realm – spring brings new offerings in many series that might be summer reads, just as it brings new life for plants and animals.

  • In the woods, April 8

    This blog is mostly about the books, but then there is the briar patch – the thickets, fields, woods and creek bottoms that inspire the reading and writing. Here’s what we found in the briar patch on April 8.