Month: April 2013

  • A lesson in loyalty

    Bob Moyer’s reviewing has gone to the dogs – in a good way. By Robert Moyer SUSPECT. By Robert Crais. Putnam. 312 pages. $27.95. “Bark bark arf. Bark.”—Spike “Yap yap yap.  Yipyip.”—Princess “Woof, woof, wooof.” –Atticus  I’m Nesta, and I’ve taken on Bob as my alpha.  He asked me to collect a few critical comments […]

  • Dashiell Hammett, revisited

    What could be better for a fan of hard-boiled detective stories than a novel about the daddy of them all: Dashiell Hammett? Bob Moyer writes that the book itself is a bit of a mystery. By Robert Moyer HAMMETT UNWRITTEN. By Owen Fitzstephen. Notes and Afterword by Gordon McAlpine. Seventh Street Books. 176 pages. $13.95. […]

  • Things heat up in Maine

    My first experience of Elizabeth Strout’s fiction was with Olive Kitteridge, a collection of linked stories set in Maine, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 2009. I applauded that decision, impressed as I was with Strout’s penetrating insights into human emotions, into the ways we sometimes act harshly when we don’t mean it, the ways […]

  • Past glories, past sorrows

    Every time I read a book by Deborah Crombie or Elizabeth George, I have a flash of envy. These women are Americans, but they write excellent police mystery/suspense fiction set in England. Even the British critics say they do a good job, getting the details right. Not only are they successful authors; they also get […]

  • Around the world

    What a great, immensely entertaining book – and it’s educational, too. This would be a good choice for a book club, for vacation reading or any time you want to get transported by a good story. By Linda C. Brinson EIGHTY DAYS: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s History-Making Race Around the World. By Matthew Goodman. […]