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Serving up justice

Water Mosley is another one of Bob Moyer’s favorite authors (I like him a lot, too), and here Bob takes a look at one of Mosley’s interesting and crusading detectives. Reviewed by Robert P. Moyer DOWN THE RIVER UNTO THE … Continue reading

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Looking through Easy’s eyes

Reviewed by Linda C. Brinson I’ve come late to the Easy Rawlins mysteries, mostly because my longtime reviewer friend Robert P. Moyer always snatched them up. Bob’s thoughtful praise for Walter Mosley’s books always made me want to read them, … Continue reading

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Is it a ghost? Not exactly…

What a happy day it is when a favorite author resurrects a series hero who was believed to be dead! Bob Moyer takes a look at the resurrected Easy Rawlins. Reviewed by Robert P. Moyer LITTLE GREEN. By Walter Mosley. … Continue reading

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Mosley’s latest: Two looks

Bob Moyer has been reading Walter Mosley’s novels forever. He’s a fan of the Easy Rawlins series, which supposedly ended a few years ago but now, reports say, is being revived. Leonid McGill is Mosley’s new protagonist. Bob read the … Continue reading

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Back on the mean streets

Bob Moyer has been reading Walter Mosley’s new series again – with pleasure. By Robert Moyer WHEN THE THRILL IS GONE. By Walter Mosley. Riverhead Books. 368 pages. $26.95 Leonid McGill makes only his third appearance in Walter Mosley’s new … Continue reading

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