Tag: Robert Moyer

  • A quiet, thoughtful murder mystery

    Bob Moyer travels a lot physically, and when he’s staying home, he travels through reading. Here he travels through literature to Sweden and reviews a book by one of that country’s leading writers of mysteries. By Robert Moyer INSPECTOR AND SILENCE. By Hakan Nesser. Pantheon. 287 pages. $24.95  Some things just don’t translate. Take, for instance, […]

  • Kellerman: Double the pleasure

    Fresh from his triumph at the opening in Winston-Salem of the delightful show from his art collection, “Howard Sam and Bob – A Life With Relics,” Bob Moyer has written a pair of reviews of works by one of his (many) favorite authors. He takes a look at the new print novel out from Johnathan […]

  • A literary master

    Bob Moyer left from the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, N.C., for a month in England and Germany a couple of hours after I left from the same airport on the same August day for a week in Italy. We were flying on different airlines, but before I left, I used my boarding pass […]

  • One of the best

    Before he roared off on a motorcycle, in a cloud of dust and exhaust fumes, Bob Moyer left us a review of a book by and old favorite. By Robert Moyer A DROP OF THE HARD STUFF. By Lawrence Block. Mulholland Books. 319 pages. $25.99 Lawrence Block’s Matt Scudder, who has walked down many a […]

  • Bricks and bullets

    Here’s Bob Moyer again, this time in D.C., taking a look at the second book in a new series. By Robert Moyer AGENT X. By Noah Boyd. William Morrow. 391 pages. $24.99 Take a deep breath before you begin this book.  The Bricklayer, a cross between James Bond and Sherlock Holmes (with a touch of […]