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  • A Muslim’s view of Jesus

    Some people are outraged by Reza Aslan’s new book about Jesus. Some praise it. Lots of people seem to have opinions. Steve Wishnevsky has a suggestion: read it. Reviewed by Stephen Wishnevsky ZEALOT: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JESUS OF NAZARETH. By Reza Aslan. Random House. 336 pages. $27. This is a most entertaining new […]

  • Toward understanding religions

    By Charles McGathy No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam (Updated Edition). By Reza Aslan. Random House. 338 pages. $17, paperback. Professor Reza Aslan is an internationally acclaimed scholar of religions. This book is an updated edition of his first book, which has been called by Blackwell, the noted British seller […]