Tag: N.C. wildflowers

  • In the Briar Patch, May 26-29

    Here in the briar patch, we’ve had lots of rain, thunderstorms mostly, punctuated by hot weather. And new books for summer reading keep rolling in, too.

  • In the Briar Patch, May 14-16

    It’s been rainy in the briar patch. Thank goodness for plenty of new books to while away the time. Outdoors, there are a few new wildflowers, but getting out into the woods and fields to see them hasn’t been easy. Above is a fire pink (pink refers to the family, not the color).

  • In the briar patch, April 29-May 2

    There are ample new delights in the woods and fields of the briar patch these days, as well as in the arrival of more books for review.

  • In the briar patch, April 26-27

    Spring continues apace in the briar patch. Each day brings new books, and most days bring discoveries of new living signs of the season.

  • In the briar patch, April 11-13

    Here’s an update on what’s going on in the briar patch in Stokes County that nurtures this book blog. The literary world is attuned to the natural realm – spring brings new offerings in many series that might be summer reads, just as it brings new life for plants and animals.

  • In the woods, April 8

    This blog is mostly about the books, but then there is the briar patch – the thickets, fields, woods and creek bottoms that inspire the reading and writing. Here’s what we found in the briar patch on April 8.