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  • From the bayous to Big Sky country

    Bob Moyer has enjoyed James Lee Burke’s Davie Robicheaux  novels for quite a while now. His enjoyment continues with the latest entry in the series. Reviewed by Robert P. Moyer LIGHT OF THE WORLD. By James Lee Burke. Simon and Schuster. 548 pages. $27.99. Everywhere he goes, there it is – the human condition. Whether he’s in his […]

  • This one’s a reach for Reacher

    Bob Moyer has returned from points north just in time to see snow here in North Carolina – and to tell us about one of the books he read when he was traveling. By Robert Moyer A WANTED MAN. By Lee Child. Delacorte Press. 405 pages. $28. A bevy of federal agencies shows up to […]

  • To laugh or not to laugh

    Jesse Kellerman may know the business of writing best-selling novels as well as anyone. For him, it’s a family business; he is a son of Jonathan and Faye Kellerman, both highly successful crime writers. And he’s followed in the family tradition admirably with four novels: The Executor, The Genius, Trouble and Sunstroke. Sometimes, after a […]

  • Have we come to this?

    Every summer, Paul O’Connor sets out driving across the country, writing vignettes along the way. This year, he took a supply of audio books with him. Many he has liked, some not so much. I must say after reading this review that I think Paul enjoys panning a book more than he enjoys praising one. […]

  • The unkindest cut?

    Apologies for the headline, but Bob Moyer so often toys with puns and literary allusions that he incites others to try the same. In this review, the inimitable Bob amuses us by commenting wryly (?) upon our nation’s capital while reviewing a “gritty, atmospheric” novel set in that city’s “sleazy streets.” More good news: George […]