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  • For a great escape, try Dan Brown’s latest

    Here’s a great vacation book, whether you listen to it, as I did, while driving, or read the print version.  I enjoyed Dan Brown’s blockbuster The Da Vinci Code, especially, but I’ve somehow missed a couple of his other efforts. Judging from some reviews I’ve read of The Lost Symbol, missing that one might have […]

  • A modest civics lesson on a lofty subject

    Paul O’Connor (no known relation to Sandra Day O’Connor) is embarking on his annual driving trip, which means lots of good listening/reading time for him, and lots of good reviews for us. By Paul T. O’Connor OUT OF ORDER. By Sandra Day O’Connor. Random House Audio. CDs, 7 Hours. $35. It’s an oddity of America’s […]

  • Different worlds

    Some time back I enjoyed listening to A Cup of Friendship, Deborah Rodriguez’ novel centered on a coffee shop in Kabul, since reissued as The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul. Part of the pleasure stemmed from the good story, well presented, but another important factor was the glimpse into life in a world about which […]

  • Have we come to this?

    Every summer, Paul O’Connor sets out driving across the country, writing vignettes along the way. This year, he took a supply of audio books with him. Many he has liked, some not so much. I must say after reading this review that I think Paul enjoys panning a book more than he enjoys praising one. […]

  • Dangerous mountain

    Remember Charles Frazier, the North Carolina writer who made a huge splash with his first novel, Cold Mountain, in 1997? Then word got out that he received a staggeringly large advance for his second novel, Thirteen Moons, nine years later. As a result, there was more media attention to the business of publishing his books […]